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Grateful Dead - New Potato Caboose

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead New Potato Caboose.

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Starts with gongs and cymbals in the cosmic dust of an outrageous TOO>Cryptical, then gears up and goes supernova for over 20 minutes.
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Definitely top 5 version. Longer than most. 68 Shrine is still the gold standard, tho.
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You can clearly hear the first part of this jam was used on Anthem of the Sun - it's out of this world!!
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Long crystal clear Jerry solos throughout and a great recording for '68. Gets tighter throughout the jam.
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Electric cool-aid acid version from the beginning of the Summer of Love. You can actually get body waves from listening to this one. Love the organ.
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Wonderful, what a soaring and uplifting version! Also possibly the *first* since we know 5/5/67 is probabaly a misdate...