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Grateful Dead - St. Stephen

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead St. Stephen.

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Jerry starts it alone after hot close encounters jam, but the kicker here is a little melodic jam in the middle unlike anything I've ever heard
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With all due rfespect to Barton Hall & others, this is the best version out there (IMO). Bluesy, rockin', jammin', just exactly perfect
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Hot opener to 2nd set! This St.Stephen is flawless and goes >NFA>St.Stephen for the best reprise I've probably ever heard this band do! Must Listen!
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Not a note missed, and not a second wasted. A superbly polished Stephen, and i'm surprised it isn't here already. Sick version from a Dope show
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From the Ladies & Gents album - this one has the 71 bounce & OOZES LYSERGIC - the crowd is nuts for it