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Grateful Dead - The Other One

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead The Other One.

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The band is so build up with energy, they can't contain themselves and start playing during Drums before Lesh's bass intro to The Other One.
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Hot damn can't believe this one hasn't been mentioned yet! Too much for words, just listen - this is the hottest of 1974 and one of the best ever!!!
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Hundred Year Hall - One of the longest and spaciest ever, cool Clementine style riff in the middle
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Drums built to epic climax and Phil roll that crackles the speakers with intensity
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EPIC VERSION!!! Primal attack reminiscent of '69-'70 harldy lets up until the 1st verse 13 mins. in...the thematic jam at the end is trancendent!!!!
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Unreal, easily top 5, one of the most tripped out jamin' versions known. Exquisite!
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This is a superb version, but even hotter with a SICK 'Got My Mojo Workin' before and a transcendent 'Stella Blue' to follow
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Heavy and Heady. Starts with super-charged explosions then melts into ballsy MAMU in under 8 minutes. Love the '71s.