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Grateful Dead - Turn On Your Love Light

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Turn On Your Love Light.

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While the Hundred Year Hall CD is out of order the music on it is great...check this Lovelight out if you got the album
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Solo is incredible. Every time Garcia starts to peak in his solo, the band is right there to add to the build up.
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After and epic NFA Pigpen unleashes into one of the best Raps of any Lovelight. Crowd is howling in the matrix version!!!
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I know Deadheads try to prove themselves by choosing more obscure versions, but the 'Live/Dead' version is EASILY in the Top 5 'Love Lights' ever.
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the return of the "shine on me" from the 60's! unique out of control pHilly vibe
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great for the crazy allman bros infused lineup. and the dude from fleetwood mac? who knew they were cool?
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Another great 1970 Lovelight, if you don’t know this show, spin it. Very mellow island vibe, great Lovelight to close.
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Thelma Theatre LA. Set 1 Lovelight! Middle Jam is so slow and groovy. 29:00 long come on
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WOW, 46 mintes of primal Grateful Dead, this is fantastic a must listen Pigpen in control, Jerry ripping this is awesome stuff