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Grateful Dead - Two Souls in Communion

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Two Souls in Communion.

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C'mon, this is SURELY the definitive version?! Pigpen is so strong yet so poignantly vulnerable in this cut, with perfect fills from Jerry and Bill.
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I think all the Europe72 versions are stellar but this is my favorite but 5-10 is a better source
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They played this song great all tour. Rotterdam is the definitive, but this one is quite good and Pig's last.
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To me, this one is just exactly perfect. Pigpen's swan song. Definitely my favorite arrow in his quiver.
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Another beautiful version from 1972. This song always seems like Pig's swan song. One of the best versions.
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A true pigpen classic delivered with passion like only Ron could bring, Beautiful and floating a truly lovely moment.
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Pig seems more melancholy than usual here, a very slow and touching rendition.
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Powerful Pigpen song full of emotional power. Beautiful an amazing love song with loads of Pigpen.