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Grateful Dead - Viola Lee Blues

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Viola Lee Blues.

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Rips as hard and heavy as any I've heard! Unfortunately the climax is a bringdown b/c of the power cutting out, but Jerry comes back with a vengence!
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Really long, jazzier version that goes in a lot of directions- some fantastic interplay. Jerry hangs on the main riff at the end forever!
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Light it up boys. Goes into->The Seven->Cumberland to close out the show. Not too shabby.
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very sick early version , blazing Jerry Bobby is way high in the mix laying some interesting things as he does. The Great Human Be-In
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Sandwiched between the Who and Jimi Hendrix the Dead were still able to rock out a tasty festival-sized Viola Lee Blues at this legendary event.
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Blazes right out of the gate with monsterous riffs. Jerry and Phil have some serious MEAT in this jam!!!!
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Whoa. Can't believe this isn't listed. Possibly Jerry's finest ever performance on this song - 20+ minutes of RAW POWER