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Grateful Dead - Darkness Jam

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Darkness Jam.

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Starting at the 7:55 minute mark of GDTR, again very short, but a beautiful Darkness Jam. On RT Vol. 1 No. 3, give it a listen.
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Just one jam theme among many. this should be called "Kitchen Sink" jam. Has so much & all so good
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Not really a darkness jam but more of a dark star jam than what it's listed as (PITB) leads into Wharf Rat & is beyond beautiful.
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Also out of GDTR, (which is very mellow), this is a very nice, (again short), Darkness Jam. I just love this melody.
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The first one, (maybe not, unheard tapes are being released Dave’s Picks Vol 6), this Darkness Jam is in the middle of an amazing Lovelight.