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Grateful Dead - Mind Left Body Jam

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Mind Left Body Jam.

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This version is the standard. All other versions are compared to this one.
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I argue this chunk of music containing the MLB jam after Truckin' is some of the best music the Grateful Dead have ever played. Bar none
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Comes out so weet from a disassembled Playin'. The Aud is better to listen to.
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Brilliant, glowing-embers version of MLB, rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of Dark Star. Beautiful slide work from Jer...face-meltingly beautiful!
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I know its listed as Dark Star, but its a true MLBJ. Great country twang to it.
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Listed as a Dark Star, but the last 4 minutes of this are solidly similar to a Mind Left Body, kinda similar groove. You'll love this one!
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Unique "slow" version that caps off a monster jam out of Truckin'. Must hear material.
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There is something indescribably sweet and perfect about this version...sounds like it could have been recorded for an album. I just love it.
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Truckin'>OtherOne>MLB>Stella Blue~41 minutes of pure bliss. A floaty, dark starry O1 falls to near chaos and MLB crawls from the ashes towards Stella