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Grateful Dead - Picasso Moon

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Picasso Moon.

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Without a boubt the hands down, take home the prize fucking stompiest P Moon of all times...Go Charlie Miller as per usual..
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wanted to get this thread going--love the long extended jams...and garcia shreds this one..blazin'..my my my!!
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One of if not the best, the keyboardists are kicking ass along with the full band and a roaring Bobby
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Another tap into the energy that surges from this show, we get to see the fun thanks to a clean Vood vid. Be there now.
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the boys were blazing this set…. w/o a net version help/slip/franklins taken from here
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Hella tight version--Weir dominating in the mix--might just be what they had in mind--