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Grateful Dead - Caution

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Caution.

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Coming out of Dark Star > Sugar Magnolia, Jerry is in pure attack mode. Crazy energy.
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My goodness the energy off the bat is unbelievable. Shrine was jamming this evening!
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Totally confused why this is not listed. Great caution at top 5 show of all time.
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Crazy Eleven>Caution>Feedback segment. Fast and inspired, Phil is monstrous; One of the best ever.
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Sweet fusion-style Caution jam with major hints of MLB. Builds to a fiery Garcia climax!!
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An absolute monster. From 'Dick's Picks Vol. 22'. The way Pigpen's vocals are recorded, weaving in and out of the rhythm tracks, is truly haunting.