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Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower.

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Not a lot of love for this DP 26. This show and the next night are classic 69 shows. BTW...this CC cooks.
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Jerry's early tone is sweetly acerbic, and pleases like the burn from a swig of crisp Coke on a hot day. Seamless transition into 'The Eleven'.
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First time China Cat Sunflower. Actually a 4:49 Dark Star>China Cat >The Eleven (1st time also) . Very experimental and rocking version.
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I usually prefer the China>Rider combo but this is a must hear version; Jerry really pours on the HEAT between the verses!!
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Dark Star > China Cat > Eleven pretty cool early experimental version. From the excellent "so many roads" box set
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Killer power bridging Dark Star into an atomic The Eleven. Not kidding, but all the early ones belong up here to spread more heads into '68 Dead.
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absolutely wonderful psychedelic gem fantastic one of the earliest China->Riders