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Grateful Dead - Doin' That Rag

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Doin' That Rag.

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Doin' That Rag->Saint Stephen-The Eleven->Turn On Your Lovelight! Nuff said.
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Blissful '69 chaos: Jer says, "Help! Help! Hey, we need some organized minds up here" and then they launch. Great fun and a wild ride.
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30 Days of Dead 2016 - as good as any, great sound quality and vocally tight. Great early psychedelic Dead!
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Always a tough tune for the band to pull off but here they do it with authority. Jerry nails the vocals w/gusto!
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An extra handful of stank on the end jam puts this well above a "normal" version. Definitely worth checking out