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Brokedown Palace
Dec. 31, 1982
Oakland Auditorium

Holy SHIT how in the hell was this not already here. Wow, this is so heady. Jerry oozes passion.
U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)
May 4, 1980
Baltimore Civic Center

Wave That Flag Wave It Wide and High! Hope you all voted today.
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
June 25, 1983
St. Paul Civic Center

another gorgeous one. Easily one of my all-time favorite songs.
Throwing Stones
June 25, 1983
St. Paul Civic Center

Really spacey little introductory jam, cool early version. Brent stands out on the keys.
Touch of Grey
June 25, 1983
St. Paul Civic Center

Say your peace and piss off


Morning Dew
April 7, 1985
The Spectrum

Amazing as well played as any Dew in existence. The gargling broken glass lyrics add a Tom Waits feel to this powerful tune. Great Philly crowd response, a rather moving version.
Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance
July 2, 1985
Civic Arena

The jam in St before the sure don't know what I'm going for section is tremendous.
Cold Rain and Snow
April 27, 1985
Frost Amphitheatre

This hits me in all the right spots, sends me to my happy place. Man, do I miss those days. Tremendous job by everyone right here.
Morning Dew
Oct. 31, 1984
Berkley Community Theatre

Passionate Dew, love the intro out of space here, Around the 3:25 Jerry really starts dialing up the intensity. THis is a dynamic Audience recording. Tremendous extra effort on this song. Great under rat Halloween blow out. Give this some needed Love.
Friend of the Devil
Dec. 9, 1981
Activity Center - University of Colorado

Delightful one of the best I have ever heard, triumphant Jerry solo. Ttruly spot on performance from a very underrated year. Great Dave's Pick's release. More 1980's shows PLEASE!