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Free Spirit



Tennessee Jed
Sept. 28, 1972
Stanley Theatre

Definitely should be on the list. Excellent Jed from a legendary show!!!
Stella Blue
Aug. 25, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

A brand new Stella Blue that was lost and is now found, Dave's Picks 24 is here, and it's a great one...
Let It Grow
June 15, 1976
Beacon Theatre

Super Sweet Version From an Amazing Show!!
Big River
Sept. 11, 1982
West Palm Beach Auditorium

This is a BIG OL RIVER! This whole show is so special, and totally 'under the radar'...Check it out, and hold on tight!!!
Let It Grow
Sept. 11, 1983
Downs of Santa Fe

I know it's cliche' but it's fucking insane that this version hasn't been listed yet! It's balls out heady


Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance
Sept. 11, 1982
West Palm Beach Auditorium

Can't believe this Sailor>Saint isn't WAY higher...its better than the entire top 10 listed ... its as great as S>Ss get. This for me is a top 5 show all day long. The LIG, the S>F etc on and on every version.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
April 14, 1982
Glenns Falls Civic Center

This C>R is subtle and just flat out musical art ... Jerry and co take their time and craft a piece of Grateful Dead magic ... totally under the radar and under heard ...
Playin' In The Band
March 22, 1972
Academy of Music

This really is a unique version of the 'golden age' of pitb lol. I'm talkin 72-74 of course. So pitb starts 72 around the 6-9 min mark and ends with 31 and in my humble opinion 1972 PITBs contain some of the best GD musical splendor in their history. I thin I agree with Carrion Crow up top the PItb might be my favrorite jam vehicle for the Dead...
Feb. 28, 1969
Fillmore West

This whole post drums jam is some of the best and most electric and primal Grateful Dead ever. There a stretch of about two minutes in the middle that's an all time GD highlight reel moment of pure inspiration. 2/28/69 is as great as great gets...
St. Stephen
June 9, 1976
Boston Music Hall

For me this Stephen and 1/22/78 are tops of the 76/77 SSs...