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Bob's Guitar #1



Tennessee Jed
Oct. 14, 1976
Shrine Auditorium

I've never been so confident that a submission this late in the project will bring you thunderous joy! CRANK IT UP!!
Jack Straw
April 1, 1984
Marin County Veterans Auditorium

My favorite of the year. Not the longest but it's just performed tight!
Samson and Delilah
Feb. 14, 1988
Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium

A hidden little nugget! Ending jam is ON POINT!
Stagger Lee
Dec. 17, 1978
Fox Theatre

Night after top voted version and after sampling back to back I gotta go with this one, Jerry power riff galore to power home
Jack Straw
July 31, 1983
Ventura County Fairgrounds

Right up with 10/18 for craziest version of the year. So much lightning


Morning Dew
Sept. 14, 1988
Madison Square Garden

Jerry's shaky vocals are part of this one's charm - the NYC crowd goes nuts over it. The climatic part of Few wasn't very climatic but still great Weir\Garcia interplay in jams! Solid 8.5\10
Wharf Rat
Nov. 1, 1977
Cobo Arena

Best version of year and i love Donna but she's got nothing to do with this insane rocker.
Jack Straw
Sept. 18, 1974
Parc des Expositions

One of my favorite versions.... Pre-Hiatus Always thought E74 was GDs best work across the Atlantic.
Not Fade Away
Dec. 31, 1976
Cow Palace

This one is so much better than 9/10 in top ten. That's my opinion. You're getting what you would expect with NFA here. I know we like being pranked out by the boys but familiarity breeds contempt. This pretty much sounds like JGB covering NFA circa 1976. Easily Keith's best NYE show during his stint. Kills it all night - is a part of the band and shit!
Samson and Delilah
Dec. 31, 1976
Cow Palace

The Good Lovin>Samson segue is very reminiscent of the band moe. moe segues at their shows better than any band i've ever seen. Almost all songs are fair game. Check out the songs Four and Opium by moe. Try to get a Opium > or < in/out of song, Such killer slide guitar in Opium! The slow teasy build up to S&D is creative dead and the closest thing to a Fall '73 Delilah ;)