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Aging Bear



China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
June 20, 1969
Fillmore East

The original Psychedelic version
Cosmic Charlie
Feb. 11, 1969
Fillmore East

Loud and raucous encore. As Bob says, That’s what it’s for!
One More Saturday Night
Oct. 29, 1971
Allen Theatre

So much for Jerry not being able to play Rock and Roll! F*** off Keith richards!
Aug. 6, 1974
Roosevelt Stadium

Top drawer performance in a stellar show is probably why no-one has rated this yet.
July 2, 1971
Fillmore West

From the last GD show at the Fillmore West. Jerry sings this beautifully,perfectly and the whole thing just sort of lopes along at a nice gentle swing


Stella Blue
Dec. 10, 1972
Winterland Arena

This night and the following evenings Stella Blues are beautifully paced and Jerry's singing as as good as he gets. Love his voice in this period.
Nov. 14, 1971
Texas Christian University

Most times I skip Drums, but this one is worth the listening.
Black Peter
Feb. 13, 1970
Fillmore East

It's actually played twice-an electric version in set 1 which is also very heady. But the second version, ....well what can I say. This song is one of my faves and I adore these 197 acoustic versions. slow and hypnotic. Quick, go run and see!
Black Peter
Aug. 6, 1974
Roosevelt Stadium

Tender and well sung and well played-a must for Black Peter. Best of 1974? Possibly. I think that the amazing Eyes and that huge 2nd set jam mean that a lot of the other songs get overlooked. However, every one is really well played. This is one of those Stellar GD nights.
Ship of Fools
Aug. 6, 1974
Roosevelt Stadium

An excellent version, deserves to be much higher. Listen out for Keith, some tasty playing.This is one of those shows where every song, even the ballads and the cowboy tunes are excellent.