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Blob Weird



Dec. 26, 1980
Oakland Auditorium Arena

Intensely jammed with focus to spare...Bob, Brent, Jerry, Phil, Bill, and Mick rock the house
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Dec. 30, 1978
Pauley Pavilion

The most awesomely minimalistic intro I've heard, and indescribably epic transition into a beautiful Fire
Stagger Lee
Dec. 30, 1978
Pauley Pavilion

Tons of fun! Locked in jamming the whole way.
Dec. 30, 1978
Pauley Pavilion

Jerry was totally on fire this night
Looks Like Rain
Dec. 30, 1978
Pauley Pavilion

Jerry soars and falls gracefully and Donna shines...truly beautiful rendition. Bob really performs with grace and power as well.


Dark Star
Aug. 27, 1972
Old Renaissance Faire Grounds

I have come around on the notion that the El Paso is a nice weird turn, or as one post said, a nice Prankster moment. And, yeah, maybe the world would've ended if they had gone into Dew, so that's a good thing. By extension, one might say, the Pranksters saved the world.
Cold Rain and Snow
July 16, 1976
Orpheum Theatre

And who could argue with the guy? "anything" they played in that glorious year was worth a listen
High Time
Dec. 29, 1968
Gulfstream Park Race Track

Musta gotten the date switched...12/28/69
Friend of the Devil
May 15, 1970
Fillmore East (Late Show)

That's fantastic. Seriously, are there any contemporaries that can come even close to the Dead when it comes to drawing emotions out of listeners? I highly doubt it. Nothin like 'em.
Dark Star
May 25, 1972
Strand Lyceum

I'd say go there indirectly, and experience this greatest of all jam sets in its entirety.