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Blob Weird



Good Lovin'
Feb. 27, 1977
Robertson Gym, UC Santa Barbara

To my ears, Bob's best overall performance here, and the whole band really seems to be feeding off the same special energy
Feb. 27, 1977
Robertson Gym, UC Santa Barbara

Quite possibly vastly underrated...Keith's work is magnificent, and he is obviously feeling it from the start in this show
Samson and Delilah
March 9, 1981
Madison Square Garden

Brent is a madman!
Terrapin Station
June 4, 1977
The Forum

Based on set list alone, the jam portion stands out...this Terrapin kicks it off very powerfully
May 28, 1977
Hartford Civic Center

Superb execution by all. This show really rocks! (of course...it's May '77


May 3, 1972
Olympia Theater

Par for the course, which is to say F-ing AMAZING!!
Mister Charlie
May 3, 1972
Olympia Theater

Absolutely killer! Jerry never ceases to amaze, and this is another example of his brilliance. Some of his licks in this tune manage to be both fire and ice, so passionate yet so slick and clean in their execution. God Bless the Grateful Dead!
Aug. 6, 1971
Hollywood Palladium

Bignoze, maybe it's the recording? The AUD recording on archive is insane and full of an energy that carries me away. Maybe that's what does it, who knows? Give it a shot on archive tho.
Black Peter
April 14, 1978
Cassell Coliseum - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Goosebumps without a doubt. Absolutely a go-to for me. Run, Run And SEE! Words simply cannot do this bad boy justice. My vote for #1.
Estimated Prophet
Nov. 2, 1977
Field House - Seneca College

Intense doesn't even do it justice. Face-melting is getting there...Notice the oddball Phil request for Mr. Sandoz D. Laudid backstage right before the song. Definitely kick-ass and one of the few best Estimateds out there.