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When I Paint My Masterpiece
July 12, 1987
Giants Stadium

The boys had the odasity to play this song during their set at Giants stadium during the Dylan and the Dead tour, and rightfully so!
It Must Have Been The Roses
June 21, 1976
Tower Theater

If it wasn't for some audio glitches, this would be one of the top versions of this song. Keith and Donna are both outstanding on this one.
The Other One
Oct. 31, 1969
San Jose state university

A brilliantly played O1 that has been tragically overlooked. The mix on this is spot on.
Easy Wind
Oct. 26, 1969
Winterland Arena

There is a nice guitar interplay between Jerry and Bobby on this one. Nice bouncy version.
It Must Have Been The Roses
April 26, 1977
Capitol Theater

Other than some talking on this recording, this is a really good version.


King Bee
Feb. 21, 1971
Capitol Theater

This was 3 days after Mickey left the band. One drummer and no keyboards, and Pig was in good form. The band lays down a thouugh groove then Pig comes in with some of his best harp playing. This is a must listen alert!
Easy Wind
July 1, 1970
Winnipeg Fairgrounds

50 years ago today. Pig was laying it down on this song. The harp solo was a little rough, but no one cared. The boys sounded pretty good during this short set!
New Minglewood Blues
June 24, 1970
Capitol Theatre

^^ Right on, DS67. This is a classic Capital Theater show!
Playin' In The Band
Dec. 28, 1983
Civic Auditorium

This is brilliant. Just listen to this one!
I Know You Rider
Nov. 3, 1965
Golden State Studios

^^ Good call on The Kingston trio. This is the earliest version, that I've heard. they where going through their Folk - Pop phase, I'm glad they got through that.