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Bird Song
Sept. 18, 1987
Madison Square Garden

Great middle jam and overall great 80's version
Estimated Prophet
July 7, 1989
JFK Stadium

Jerry just launches into the jam and then rock star Bobby comes out. Great energy all the way through.
Fire On The Mountain
Sept. 20, 1991
Boston Garden

Help->Slip->FIRE Nuff said
Wharf Rat
July 7, 1989
JFK Stadium

Jerry's just belting it out and the playing is so powerful. Can't believe it's not already on here.


Sept. 18, 1987
Madison Square Garden

So many great versions of songs from this show. Gotta be one of the top 80's shows.
July 4, 1989
Rich Stadium

Have always loved this version, starting from being at the show, to getting the tapes/cds up to the release of Truckin Up To Buffalo. Definitely brought some of the JGB energy over. Pushing for #1!!
July 19, 1989
Alpine Valley Music Theatre

The jam is pretty tasty but I think 7/4 is just tighter from start to finish. And Jerry's voice is in a little better shape too, being earlier in the tour.
Blow Away
July 7, 1989
JFK Stadium

I got chills watching the movie, remembering the breeze. There wasn't a whiff of one all day, but Brent brought it. Great version. Pigpen-esque with the stop.
Dark Star
April 28, 1971
Fillmore East

Not a monster version like some before and after, but just a nice tight piece of music. Simple, yet moments of pure bliss in the middle. This was the first tape I ever had, and it never fell far in the rotation.