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hyper head



March 23, 1974
Cow Palace

Really Nice 74 Cassidy. Interesting part on the Birdge (flight of the seabirds part) Bob and Jerry do some humming and Donna sings very cool
Estimated Prophet
May 21, 1977
Lakeland Civic Center

If your friends said Barton Hall tell them to get lost! This Prophet absolutely destroys Barton Hall, Jerry's Solo is so tight and tasteful must lstn!
St. Stephen
Oct. 9, 1976
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Stadium

Hot opener to 2nd set! This St.Stephen is flawless and goes >NFA>St.Stephen for the best reprise I've probably ever heard this band do! Must Listen!
Playin' In The Band
May 28, 1977
Hartford Civic Center

Really tight playin. If you get the official release your in for a treat! Nice Playin Sandwich on this show, super smooth transition to Prophet
Greatest Story Ever Told
Feb. 26, 1973
Pershing Municipal Auditorium

Bill's amazing drumming on this one. The entire band gets into a real swing during the end jam and donna and jerry go wild.Jerry is heavy on the wah!


March 28, 1981

OMG! That first solo by Jerry is scorching(the others are red hot too)! Prob my favorite Althea!
Greatest Story Ever Told
March 16, 1973
Nassau Coliseum

The transition out of Betha is unreal, Keith sounds soo amazing, love the keys into.
Jack Straw
June 6, 1991
Deer Creek Music Center

Right on! this is a must listen even for the not so 90's fans. The band's energy is top notch and Vince Steals the vocals from bob to drive the crowd wild!