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Good Lovin'
April 8, 1972
Wembley Empire Pool

PS. Just listened again, and Phil is totallydriving this bus… he’s out of his mind!
Good Lovin'
April 8, 1972
Wembley Empire Pool

Blistering! Right out of the gates! If you like tight and fast, this is it. No long Pig Rap in this one. Puerile Psychedelic Boogie at its best, folks.
Playin' In The Band
Nov. 15, 1972
Oklahoma City Music Hall

Fucking unreal. Never breaks gallup. Never melts down. Electric Puerile Boogie!
Feel Like A Stranger
May 1, 1981
Hampton Coliseum

Killer version, followed by a blistering Franklin’s, makes this one a top 5 for me.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Oct. 27, 1990
The Zenith

I was blessed to be there that night… Also dosed from an Owsley eyedropper, through some friends connected to band. … What an amazing show… Quite possibly the greatest night of my life… Lol…. This is a hard charging China Cat with an amazing jam, that’s on par or better then MSG, 9/20… Without a doubt one of the best of the later versions… The whole second set smokes… They then peel off into a ripping Saint of circumstance… Bobby and the band are so eager to keep it going, you can hear Jerry say “give me a break, will ya, buddy”. This Saint of circumstance is also very highly rated on “Heady”. Agree the drummers rolling into the northbound train crescendo is awesome! This is a worthy addition to 30 Trips collection, from a SOLID year - 1990. Still Tripping balls after the show, we took the Metro in the pouring rain…. In the wrong direction! Then proceeded to walk through Paris in the pouring rain for the next 3 hours, Bar hopping and eventually making it back to our hotel. Still smiling as the sun started to come up…. Just to head back the next night.