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Foolish Heart
July 19, 1989
Alpine Valley Music Theatre

This is a hot mess. NO comparison to 12-28-90.
Foolish Heart
March 19, 1990
Civic Center

Phil is out of his mind in the middle jam, but outro jam doesn’t compare to 12-28-90.
Foolish Heart
Dec. 28, 1990
Coliseum Arena

I was there and it was astounding! It’s been astounding for 30 years. Listen to the audience roar through the SBD mix as Jerry is peaking in the final jam, realizing what they had just witnessed. We were speechless. There is no actual jam on this list that matches it… Not even close. I’ll give you that Phil is an absolute monster on 3-19-1990, but this is the most developed and well played out version of all time… Just listen to Hornsby playing his “Rambling Man” riffs… So beautiful and so in sync…brings me to tears 30 years later. It’s amazing how little love the Hornsby Era gets on Heady… He offered so much, and literally rescued the band from the tragic loss of Brent, when they were absolutely at their peak… I think he did some of the most heady versions of songs … Check out Deal 5-19-91, China > Rider 9-20-90, Throwing Stones 10-27-90, or any Jackstraw they played! Especially 12-27-90 the opener the night before this show! Peace.
Casey Jones
Oct. 2, 1977
Paramount Theatre

Ripper? Guys, seriously? I love you all, but this version is horrible. Who the hell needs a 10 minute CJ!? Jerry forgets the words and they proceed to play the whole song twice. Then they stumble across the finish line trying to find the exit. The whole thing was a hungover slog through mud. Peace.
Good Lovin'
April 8, 1972
Wembley Empire Pool

PS. Just listened again, and Phil is totallydriving this bus… he’s out of his mind!