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The Historian



Aug. 16, 1980
Mississippi River Festival

It’s raining but the Grateful Dead are playing Deal as if their life depended on it. The hot electric leads from Garcia set everyone on fire.
March 29, 1987
The Spectrum

Garcia pierces the ears and sets on fire the sold out Philly Spectrum on HOT post coma East Coast comeback tour. This Bertha is HOTT
March 5, 1981
Stanley Theater

Weir and band start jamming on Scarlet, but Garcia's guitar is broke, so then Weir launches into Passenger, Garcia shows up half way through. Jazzy!
He's Gone
June 10, 1984
Cal Expo

Phil transforms this song with heavy metal machine gun bass playing.He's bounding over the structure of the song, bouncing off the walls.......quality
He's Gone
Oct. 1, 1989
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Elves tie up the band and finish the ending chant in this powerful yet overlooked version. The elves sing happily, He's Gone.....over and over


Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
April 9, 1983
Hampton Coliseum

I'm a huge fan of 1983. Yes, its a diamond in the rough but the energy is off the charts. That being said, the H>S>F of the 1983-1985 years are really tough for me to enjoy. THe mistakes outweigh the fruits for me. I will relisten though.
Tennessee Jed
March 12, 1981
Boston Garden

The song appeared to be an average version on an average night, but upon closer listening I realized Jerry was getting off and by the end, I was too. Inspired version that creeps up on you.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Aug. 19, 1980
Uptown Theatre

CC Rider starts the set and opening notes of China Cat rush forth and the band races to an Rider with absolutely blazing leads
Oct. 10, 1981
Stadt Halle

After a long march through the Bavarian forests with the chill of the autumn air pinching their skin, they see the light and warmth of the village beyond the trees, and slowly began marching in step, in strange rhythms, syncopated, as one giant being overtaking the land in search of rest. And the Sugaree is hot
Oct. 8, 1983
Richmond Coliseum

Great Deal from a great show and a great tour. I love Fall 1983