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Lesh Philling



Jack A Roe
Dec. 28, 1988
Oakland Coliseum Arena

Jerry nails the lyrics, nice interplay with Brent and Jerry, and a great crowd reaction. Seriously fun version.
Wharf Rat
May 6, 1980
Rec Hall, Penn State U

Road Trips Vol. 3, No. 4. There is something about that Hammond Organ that makes this song like a church hymn. Strong version.
Turn On Your Love Light
Aug. 23, 1969
Pelletier Farm

Nucking Futs way to end a show! Pig invites the crowd up to help in the rap on his mic and say whatever they want!
The Eleven
Aug. 23, 1969
Pelletier Farm

Explodes out of a rockin' St. Stephen and carries that energy all the way through to Lovelight. I'm shocked their equipment didn't spontaneously erupt
St. Stephen
Aug. 23, 1969
Pelletier Farm

Fuzzy recording but the energy on this Stephen cannot be denied.


Desolation Row
Feb. 17, 1988
Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium

Damn fine version of this song!
Morning Dew
Oct. 2, 1972
Springfield Civic Center

Maybe part of a good sequence but this was the most sterile, unemotional version of this song I've ever heard.
All Along the Watchtower
Oct. 18, 1989
The Spectrum

Holy Shit does he dominate this song! It's like they ramped this version up to make up for that sub-par Gimme Some Lovin' out of Space. Absolutely great show.
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Oct. 18, 1989
The Spectrum

Sought this show out due to the previous posts/comments recently. Wow. I'm starting to think you could put October '89 up against May '77 or April/May '72 for historic greatness. Different eras. Different musicians. But the late 80's did give some great moments.
The Other One
Dec. 19, 1978
State Fairgrounds Coliseum

The way this Other One starts, it's almost angry. But it flows into a smooth, almost reflective, jam between verses that Phil then draws back into an angry focus, that then melts into Stella. Incredible version!