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colorful wookie



El Paso
May 25, 1974
Campus Stadium, UCSB

Captures the galloping urgency and drive of the story
Throwing Stones
April 13, 1983
Patrick Gymnasium, U of Vermont

Searching for some direction and having fun doing it
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Sept. 16, 1972
Boston Music Hall

Rousing! 72's got many of the best/ favorites
You Win Again
Sept. 16, 1972
Boston Music Hall

Musta been great to have caught one of these; this one delivers, great stuff
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
June 28, 1988
Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Signature, spiraling leads and strong delivery, a fitting sign-off to SPAC run


Rubin and Cherise
March 27, 1991
Nassau Coliseum

For me, this is the epitome of “you had to be there.” While you’re never going to get to fully relive the moment, I can’t even get back in the same ballpark, be it soundboard, video, or audience. That said, this was one of those top live moments; even the seemingly unwavering stern cops directly in front of me guarding the big lane 14 rows back from the stage -- their backs turned to the band the entire first set – dropped their folded arms, along with their jaws, as they involuntarily turned toward the source with some kind of respect, even reverence, to what had overtaken them. Meanwhile, the chills that set in for me from the first chords of the song were now in some kind of galactic hyperdrive; otherworldly suspension… before going its way again.
Playin' In The Band
Sept. 10, 1972
Hollywood Palladium

The Other One
May 2, 1970
Harpur College

One the early tapes that made the rounds imprinting this already converted yet fledgling grateful head. The beast jumps out of a tree and stampedes through the forest at high-speed, branches snapping and chasing you so fast that you come up around and see it just up ahead. Time to get even rounder.
Wharf Rat
April 24, 1972

The jam at the end also seems to give a wink and nod to the stuff that went down in the Dark Star before this Rat struts off into the Sugar Mag.
Me and Bobby McGee
April 24, 1972

If listening to it over and over again increases the ratings, then I'm getting something done...