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Drums -> Space
Sept. 29, 1993
Boston Garden

Drums has a deep ambient gamelan jam between the BAM BAM intro and beam. Space is CD-ROM-era tones and vaporwave-core
The Same Thing
Jan. 25, 1993
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

I have very little patience for Bobby blues - but Jerry and Vince are very present and riffing on this cut
Looks Like Rain
Sept. 12, 1985
Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center

Very well delivered - a few mumbled F bombs
Drums -> Space
March 22, 1985
Hampton Coliseum

Drums is very drippy and boom boom. Weird effects on space / phasery, flangery stuff. Very Frippertronics-like version. Transitions into Spanish Jam
Row Jimmy
March 27, 1991
Nassau Coliseum

Super floaty version with an uplifting MIDI flute solo at approx 5:30. Lovely Vince-era rendition.


The Music Never Stopped
March 23, 1992
The Palace

Truly a hidden gem. First jam has a wonderful MIDI flute solo from Jerry, but it's the outro jam that really shines. It straight up sounds like Jerry shredding over a Sega Genesis / Sonic the Hedgehog / Green Hill Zone backdrop. Some of the most video-game-like tones from Vince. Phil is also getting down... getting down REALLY HARD... if not a little bit out of rhythm. Can't claim this is the best or tightest ever, but it is one of the more unique versions you'll ever hear.
Uncle John's Band
March 27, 1995
The Omni

the fact that this only has four votes shows how fucked the 70s/80s bias is in dead listenership
July 27, 1994
Riverport Amphitheatre

I think this is the longest -- breaks free into some very interesting territory at ~14 on the relisten version. Has a sort of China Cat > Rider transition meets Space vibe.
Uncle John's Band
March 27, 1995
The Omni

China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
March 30, 1995
The Omni

Hot as hell, 17 minute type II jammy version, with a great transition into a SUPER FAST rider