find the best versions of grateful dead songs

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Answers aplenty



The Other One
Oct. 13, 1972
Small Club in North SF

Previous unheard recording of Phil bombing a small club in SF for around 8 minutes. More than worth a listen!
The Harder They Come
March 1, 1980
Capitol Theatre

Very nice & fast version. Jerry’s solos are like butter
Rubin and Cherise
Nov. 3, 1978
Keystone Palo Alto

Nice funky R&C. Also happens to be the last JGB show w/ Keith & Donna. Love Jer’s vox(especially “I’ve been afraid and I don’t know why I do). Heady!
Bird Song
Jan. 27, 1986
The Ritz

Nice acoustic version with just Jer and John Kahn. Very good jam.
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Jan. 27, 1986
The Ritz

Great version from a rare Garcia/Kahn show. Jer on vocals this time, which is good. From GarciaLive 14


Help on the Way
Sept. 28, 1975
Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park

I love the small extended Phil solos in the beginning of these early versions of Slipknot. 9/27/76 has one of those too.
Uncle John's Band
Dec. 26, 1979
Oakland Auditorium

Welcome to the bus man! This is a great UJB, especially for it being Brent’s first year with the band. @dsrkstar67’s rec. of 5/19/77 is great. That whole show is something else too, one of the best. 3/18/77, 6/23/74, and 6/17/91 are my favorites, but most are great if not incredible.
New Minglewood Blues
April 25, 1977
Capitol Theater

I don’t have the vinyl release, but from the Archive sources I’ve heard of the Minglewood, the first 15 or so seconds sound eerily close to Cornell. Even Bob’s voice cracks when counting off like on Cornell. Makes those rumors about Cornell never happening seem to maybe have an ounce of truth ;)
Sugar Magnolia
May 5, 1977
New Haven Coliseum

Love the half-time feel of this version. Jerry’s tone is luscious and the solos are something else. Sadly there’s a cut on the Charlie Miller source, but there are soundboard sources that have it patched. Still good stuff tho
Pretty Peggy O
May 25, 1977
The Mosque

This version feels extra beautiful but also extra dark and sinister. Especially in Jerry’s vocals. He sounds like he would actually “destroy all the people in the area-o” when he delivers that line. The solos are beautiful as well. Top notch, good stuff