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Wharf Rat
Oct. 9, 1972
Winterland Arena

Whoa, I can't believe this hasn't been submitted. Great vocal and four minutes of sublime outro solo. Check it out!
Aug. 13, 1968
Pacific Recording

The studio jam version from the expanded Aoxomoxoa release
Big Boss Man
Aug. 14, 1971
Berkeley Community Theater

just listen to Jerry and Phil. twang city in the intro, perfect Pig vocal
Casey Jones
Aug. 15, 1971
Berkeley Community Theater

Phil is high in the mix. One of the best '71 versions, I believe.
Me and My Uncle
May 30, 1971
Winterland Arena

Another fine 71 effort with very good sound and Phil high in the mix


Row Jimmy
Oct. 19, 1973
Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena

Not just perfection for this boy. Donna adds a lot of off-key "rows". Nice keyboards, though.
Bird Song
June 22, 1973
Pacific Coliseum

Things truly become magical shortly after the three minute mark. Incredible improvisation by all involved. Rewards from close and multiple listens. Keith makes the most with very little. The second section begins at around 7:30, where Billy quiets down and the vocals return. If there's a weakness, it's in the vocals. The outro has Jerry asserting some piercing notes followed by some trancelike repeats and the return to that main theme. Very nice.
May 3, 1972
Olympia Theater

Sad that so many folks feel like Sugaree isn't interesting unless it's a 20-minute version with three JG solos. Why not like both? Everyone is in sync here. This recording is excellent; most likely Betty. You can hear everyone's contribution.
Uncle John's Band
June 7, 1977
Winterland Arena

Are you kidding me? Obviously, the Deadaverse hasn't listened to this one, or it would be in the top 10. Musically, this is pretty much flawless. It also has a calypso-like feel too, which makes it extra dancable.
Around and Around
June 7, 1977
Winterland Arena

For a while I thought JG was playing JBGoode. NIce to hear after that sublime Dew.