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Dire Wolf
April 26, 1972

WHY IS THIS SO LOW PEOPLE This is by far my absolute favorite Dire Wolf performance. Honestly damn near perfect not a wrong note in sight and the band just seems to lose themself in the music. Just a damn good version of the tune sung and played with a lot of heart.
Big River
Nov. 5, 1977
Community War Memorial Auditorium

Such a fun version! You can tell the band is just riding a good wave of energy and for me, Jerry’s solos can make or break a Big River for me and that first solo just had me picking my jaw up from the floor. Goes from a real tight rockin beat and in the middle of Jerry’s second solo switches to a groovey syncopated beat. Super fun! Also shout out to that one guy in the audience yelling his heart out for Samson and Delilah. Made me chuckle
Doin' That Rag
Feb. 22, 1969
Dream Bowl

Jerry Jerry Jerry!!!
Dark Star
Dec. 6, 1973
Public Hall

Feels like an Area 51 experiment in the best way possible. Intergalatically gooey. Just oozes with creativity and the band takes its time in this cosmic space. This recording is proof that the Grateful Dead were the first humans to communicate with extraterrestrial entities. My favorite Dark Stars all have unique and incredible feedback sections and this is no exception. This is out there man. None like this one.
Dark Star
Sept. 19, 1970
Fillmore East

Always loved this Dark Star. So incredibly haunting and witchy. The feedback section still shakes me to my very core. Feels like the band used the music as a vessel to awaken a great beast from its slumber. This helped me understand why they were named the Warlocks at one point. They're casting spells here.