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Wet Blanket



Black Peter
Jan. 17, 1979
New Haven Coliseum

One of the more languid takes on this one. Although Jerry's voice is shot, it works. Notable for 2 runs through the solo, both of them stellar.
Feel Like A Stranger
June 29, 1980
Pauley Pavilion

Explosive jam makes this one a bit unique. Not as smooth and complex as some later versions, but synergy and chops by all.
Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
June 4, 1977
The Forum

Smokes from head to tail. No SBD, or this would be top 5 with ease.
Stella Blue
July 3, 1978
St. Paul Civic Center Arena

I fully expect this one to rise in popularity once the BBD arrives.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Aug. 27, 1981
Long Beach Arena

Nice AUD has Jerry up front. Great solo in SB, transition is interesting, with nice cascading riffs, followed by a Hot FOTM.


The Other One
Nov. 1, 1977
Cobo Arena

‘77 isn’t my go to year for The Other One, but the first minute of the Miller source is profoundly beautiful and poignant. In a rare appearance for the era, we get a little full band improv that could have come pre-hiatus. Everyone’s contributions are noteworthy (Including the drums, if only for their sensitivity). Jerome’s on the spot composition and technique is astounding. It’s a shame the name beautiful jam is taken because this certainly qualifies. Perhaps the finest minute of ‘77 and absolutely unique. The Other One itself is fine, but it’s nowhere nearly as special as the first 60 seconds.
Nov. 14, 1978
Boston Music Hall

A really unique take on this old warhorse. JG employs that lightning quick picking he developed post-Egypt ‘78 here. I don’t know of another Bertha that features this. I’d like to think it sits here with a single vote because you’ve never heard it. Rolfe AUD isn’t great, but it’s plenty listenable. +1
Uncle John's Band
Oct. 6, 1977
Activity Center. Arizona State U

Oh look, a ‘77 UJB with a single vote. I believe it deserves way better company. It is a bit rocky at the get go, but Chubby takes the opportunity to solo for almost 2 minutes before the first verse. The middle solo peaks as hard as any from the year (I’m looking at you, 6/7) the outro is also long and exploratory, but unfortunately cuts. Give it a spin and see if you don’t agree. +1
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
May 5, 1977
New Haven Coliseum

Also contains arguably the best SB bridge solo of the month, although I prefer 5/21 seven of ten times. The bouncy melodic jam in FOTM that occurs around 5:30 on the official release is unique to this version as well. Wish it would have sprung up more often because it’s deliciously quirky.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
May 2, 1981
The Spectrum

I agree with most of what is said about this combo, I think it’s in the top 5 of the year and best of the month.