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Eyes Of The World
Sept. 21, 1991
Boston Garden

This is way overlooked & way cool...frisbee flingin' madness!
Uncle John's Band
Sept. 21, 1991
Boston Garden

Check out Vinnie's solo, and definitley listen to a good AUD, the crowd participation is heavy!
He's Gone
June 15, 1995
Franklin County Airport

Something in the spirit of this one caught me..
The Other One
July 29, 1974
Capitol Center

awesome rolling version goes into a uniquely floating spanish jam...do not miss this!
Uncle John's Band
March 24, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena

Dozin' at the knick version segues trippingly into Terrapin....awesome!


Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Sept. 16, 1978
Sphinx Theatre

Phil sounded lazy on this one, plus Egypt in general sucked, especially the setlists. They blew their chance for a truly psychedelic classic, I mean, NO DARK STAR??!!!??? IN EGYPT???? TERRAPIN??? Instead was a Standard saloon snoozefest. P.S. not even a Scarlet attached to this..LAME!
July 4, 1989
Rich Stadium

Yes! Yes! Yes! Mellow perfection to kick off a great show...
Terrapin Station
July 4, 1989
Rich Stadium

For me, the most vivid, hallucinatory version..something about '89
May 26, 1993
Cal Expo

Love this show! Deal is one of those tunes that got better as the years went by..and this is no exception!
Oct. 16, 1989
Meadowlands Arena

Great Deal from one of my favorite shows, epic second set, but first set is killer too Deal>Let it grow bonus!