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Austin Head



Stella Blue
Oct. 14, 1983
Hartford Civic Center

Shocked this one isn't on the list - hands down the best version of the 80's. The Rusty Strings part raises hair every time.
March 24, 1985
Civic Center

Jerry's 1st east coast version since the bust. Starts mellow but the drummers build a unique groove. Jerry's obviously motivated to build this 1.
Morning Dew
Sept. 12, 1987
Capital Centre

Near clone of 9-18-87 but being at the Cap Centre instead of MSG it does not get the recognition. Just a notch below 9-18-87.,mk
It Must Have Been The Roses
May 12, 1981
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum

Heard this yesterday and blew me away, an absolute gem!


The Other One
Oct. 27, 1979
Cape Cod Coliseum

This version is top 5 all time, stunned that it's this low. People Phil's Frickin' best intro ever.....totally shakes the concrete loose in this building...and keeps dropping bombs while the boys really are intense on this one. Killer.....just killer.
Franklin's Tower
Nov. 2, 1979
Nassau Coliseum

Just head this one for the first time and after it I said to myself "best one ever"?
Samson and Delilah
Sept. 28, 1976
Onondaga County War Memorial

hard to beat this one, check out what Jerry's doing on this one.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
April 17, 1984
Niagara Falls Convention Center

Slipknot! Dripping with that lovely 84 Opiates.
Feel Like A Stranger
Dec. 28, 1983
Civic Auditorium

agreed, incredible on this night.