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Promontory Rider
Feb. 29, 1980
Calderone Concert Hall

just a sublime version, hunter's vocals drive the song but it's jerry's guitar that makes you want to dance.
Don't Ease Me In
Feb. 17, 1979
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

a breakout for the last keith and donna show. just a real nice version with great harmonies and of course jerry playing his heart out.
Promised Land
Dec. 30, 1978
Pauley Pavilion

perfect way to end an epic first set. jerry doing his best to extend the jam and then bring it home. outstanding.
Not Fade Away
April 15, 1978
William and Mary College Hall

this version builds the intensity and jerry is just blazing, then of course they drop into the only dew of 1978.
St. Stephen
Dec. 31, 1978
Winterland Arena

immortalized in the film taken that special evening. fantastic version with all the elements. watch the video!


Scarlet Begonias
Oct. 14, 1976
Shrine Auditorium

just listen to phil add some extra notes as the song kicks into gear. simply awesome!
Good Lovin'
April 26, 1971
Fillmore East

the jam after the drums is some of the finest playing i've ever heard. it all comes together in perfect harmony.
Uncle John's Band
Dec. 26, 1979
Oakland Auditorium

it's the same story the crow told me....as a good friend once said to me when we were listening in his car, "this is the shit".
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Jan. 23, 1970
Honolulu Civic Auditorium

my first show with brent at the keys. second set opener that rocked the house. only aud's available for listening pleasure, but oh what a pleasure it is.