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Dark Star
May 25, 1972
Strand Lyceum

GO DIRECTLY TO 21:21 DO NOT PASS GO til you've listed through to 26:51
The Music Never Stopped
June 9, 1977
Winterland Arena

Flawless and the kinetic energy before intermission is overwhelming.
The Music Never Stopped
Feb. 3, 1978
Dane County Coliseum

We're gonna take a short break and you can, too. Damn if I don't require medical attention after the rip-roaring energy here. Insane!
Eyes Of The World
Aug. 13, 1975
Great American Music Hall

Crystal clear and pure. 8-12 min mark possibly the best 4 min clip of band i've ever heard.


Eyes Of The World
May 22, 1977
The Sportatorium

odd you should say inventive... this and Englishtown Eyes (and Estimated) are note for note mirrored. very very very spooky similar.
Dark Star
Dec. 6, 1973
Public Hall

pack this in your scrapbook. 40 more years from now this'll be the one you wanna show your great grand kids.
Dark Star
Aug. 1, 1973
Roosevelt Stadium

Simon Cowell says, "Boys, you're going to Hollywood!"
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
May 8, 1977
Barton Hall - Cornell University

Fire transcends all I've ever heard energy wise. My all-time favorite version of any of their songs.Long and tantalizing.
Eyes Of The World
Feb. 9, 1973
Roscoe Maples Pavilion - Stanford University

Like Barry White croons, this is "my first; my last; my everything!" Lex, KY is Jazzy, Roosevelt is Funky, Englishtown is blazing hot- this is sweetness.