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Around and Around
Feb. 1, 1978
Uptown Theatre

This song is not often a highlight for me, but this version is an exception. The band is giddy (well, Bob anyway).
Casey Jones
Jan. 15, 1979
Springfield Civic Center

This one does not disappoint in the middle of a week of hot Casey Joneses.
May 5, 1977
New Haven Coliseum

Slow and thunderous, it rumbles along joyfully.
Black Peter
Jan. 31, 1978
Uptown Theater

Jerry shreds.
Wharf Rat
May 25, 1972
Strand Lyceum

UJB>Jam>Wharf Rat>Dark Star. The Wharf Rat comes out of a soft, full, thoughtful space - a detour on the journey to the Star.


Easy Wind
Sept. 20, 1970
Fillmore East

This is pretty much the best Bob lead work I've ever heard.
Dark Star
Aug. 1, 1973
Roosevelt Stadium

Every time I listen to this I am floored by the jamming before the verse. I still remember where I was when I first heard it. I remember reading someone's opinion that it showed Allmans influence (coming 4 days after Watkins Glen). Not sure if that explains it, but it sure is an unusually inventive type of interplay. Then they go in a different direction entirely post-verse...
Eyes Of The World
Nov. 11, 1973
Winterland Arena

Pardon my redundance, but I agree that the solos between verses are as lyrical and melodic and perfect as it ever got.
Eyes Of The World
Dec. 31, 1976
Cow Palace

Jerry has some real crunchy guitar moments here that I haven't heard in other versions. Really his playing all night is just inspired.
Eyes Of The World
Sept. 11, 1974
Alexandra Palace

This version boasts a unique, acid-drenched five minute intro jam. Ned Lagin makes all the difference.