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Graceful Head



Turn On Your Love Light
April 8, 1985
The Spectrum

Bobby makes Pig proud with this version. I bet Jerry took his eyes off the floor for this one. Thanks to DEADOLOGY for this one (great read).
Samson and Delilah
Oct. 12, 1981
Olympia Halle

When playing like this is captured by pristine audio you want to thank everyone involved. Hold on to your hat for this one!
St. Stephen
Feb. 27, 1977
Robertson Gym, UC Santa Barbara

While Jerry doesn't take this one out for a spin like later shows in '77, this version has a more swinging groove than most.
Estimated Prophet
June 4, 1978
Campus Stadium - University Of California

Jerry is worth a listen on this one. He doesn't want to stop.
Black Peter
Sept. 10, 1972
Hollywood Palladium

Once people hear this they will know the truth.


Not Fade Away
Nov. 7, 1971
Harding Theatre

Fans of '71 will wonder why this one is so far down. 11-15-71 still takes the cake, but this one beats Halloween in my opinion.
Mister Charlie
April 26, 1972

They are all really good towards the top, but the tempo, and Jerry's solo hits my ear just right on this one.
Aug. 5, 1971
Hollywood Palladium

The only thing better than a Bertha opener, is a 9 min Bertha opener.
Friend of the Devil
Aug. 10, 1982
Iowa Fieldhouse - University of Iowa

With meaning by all who dared.
Not Fade Away
Oct. 15, 1977
Moody Coliseum - Southern Methodist University

Great interplay by all, with Keith holding it all together.