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They Love Each Other
Nov. 30, 1981
Hara Arena

Nice groove and Brent’s solo is excellent
Jack Straw
July 25, 1972
Paramount Theater

Crisp and well-played. Awesome show
Playin' In The Band
Oct. 8, 1981
Forum Theater

The connective tissue between a legendary S>F and a very underrated '81 Terrapin, this is a mellow exploration that unfolds beautifully
Mama Tried
Oct. 15, 1977
Moody Coliseum - Southern Methodist University

Doesn't get more disco than this. The Dusborne matrix version is filthy, crunchy, and powerful. My personal fav for some time now. Play it loud!
Black Throated Wind
Oct. 27, 1973
Indianapolis State Fair Coliseum

If the soundboard were cleaner, this would be a classic. The climax is absolutely stunning and seems to never end.


Not Fade Away
Oct. 6, 1977
Activity Center. Arizona State U

The high energy never lets up for a single second until they flawlessly go into the MLB jam, then drop back into the insanity. Completely savage version.
Terrapin Station
May 11, 1980
Cumberland County Civic Center

A red-hot rock n’ roll Terrapin executed with precision and passion. This is a bombastic masterpiece and the best version I’ve come across in ages. As always, listen to the matrix recording and crank it up! The boys were on fire this night.
Black Peter
Dec. 26, 1981
Oakland Auditorium

It’s already such a great Black Peter but then you get this crazy, unique jazzy jam at the end. Unlike any other version.
The Eleven
Dec. 26, 1981
Oakland Auditorium

There’s a gentle build to the actual Eleven jam that is just...gorgeous. Emotive and unique, and the Eleven part is fiery stuff
Estimated Prophet
Dec. 26, 1981
Oakland Auditorium

Following an equally astounding Scarlet>Fire, this Estimated really brings the goods. Faster than your average version, not a missed note, and some godlike interplay between the boys. Don’t miss this one.