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shake your rump



You Win Again
Dec. 14, 1971
Hill Auditorium

Jerry calls for Keith to take the solo during this version, which must have boosted Keith's confidence.
El Paso
July 19, 1974
Selland Arena

Phil's playing makes this a standout version, like many of the performances at this show
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Oct. 31, 1970
School Gymnasium, S.U.N.Y.

Raw early version, the jamming in the final :30 hints at the song's potential, which twould be realized the following weekend in Port Chester.
Never Trust A Woman
Sept. 12, 1988
The Spectrum

I'm just glad I never broke Brent's heart. Anyway, great vocals, solos, and overall performance on this excellent Healy matrix. "Ah, what the hell!"
He's Gone
Dec. 9, 1990
Compton Terrace Amphitheatre

Very fine post-Brent-era version with Bruce helping out on piano. The closing jam sounds like a segue into TOO, but leads into D/S.


Not Fade Away
Dec. 14, 1971
Hill Auditorium

Unfairly overlooked in a year of outstanding NFA>GDTRFB>NFA performances. The individual and collective musicianship is astonishing.
The Other One
Dec. 14, 1971
Hill Auditorium

responding to the "Keith stealing the spotlight from Jerry" comments: I would suggest that Jerry was instead listening to and engaging directly with Keith's piano playing, as experienced improvising musicians do. Regardless, this TOO is amazing, certainly an interstellar journey.
Sugar Magnolia
Nov. 17, 1972
Century II Convention Hall

More "Row Jimmy" riffs from Jerry around the 4:30 mark. This one hits like an 18-guage flooring nail gun with a 6-gallon air compressor that never runs out.
Nov. 17, 1972
Century II Convention Hall

Jerry's first guitar break from 1:48-1:55... I think he's ready to play :-o
Dancin' in the Streets
Oct. 30, 1970
SUNY Stonybrook

Tighten Up! Gets heavier from 9:00-11:00, and again at the very end. More people should hear this version!