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colorado guy



Black Peter
May 9, 1978
Onongada County War Memorial

Good God people! This one is DRIPPING with emotion. If a SBD existed of this show it would be up top. GO RUN and See, now!
Ship of Fools
May 9, 1978
Onongada County War Memorial

The delivery of this one...passionate vocals, the kind we so often see in '78...That said, this might be the best sung of that year
Jan. 20, 1979
Shea's Theater

Shea's Theater - second on deck and a nice warm welcome as a raging snowstorm was happening outside in the snowbelt of Buffalo
Love in the Afternoon
March 18, 1978
Warner theatre

So good...Donna and Maria cooing while Garcia just fills perfectly
Touch of Grey
Oct. 14, 1988
Miami Arena

Why we love this band. Every little new nuance in each version. Love the way Garcia sings, "Oh well the Touch of Grey.." and the way he pronounces it.


Nov. 20, 1971
Pauley Pavilion

Yes! The vocals are inspired this night from Garcia for sure, more so than other versions from '71!! Great early version...Love how he sings "Just one thing I ask of you, Just one thing for me" in one of the verses.He belts it out.......
Good Lovin'
Feb. 2, 1970
Fox Theatre

Yeah SUPER short. Also if you listen to Garcia's lead that he cuts too soon, THIS to me, represents his sound from 1970 in a nutshell. The tone, the blistering lead the Gibson SG....All packed into a quick minute or less.
Playin' In The Band
July 31, 1973
Roosevelt Stadium

Absolutely killer!
Ship of Fools
May 9, 1978
Onongada County War Memorial

Too bad there isn't a SBD of this one. At least the Audience version sounds good. The Dancin' follow is a smoker too!!
My Baby
Nov. 8, 1970
Capitol Theater

Are you kidding?? Cause I sure hope you aren't on those reels being returned. If that is true this show will be up there with the likes of legendary 5/2/70 and possibly coming in higher.This would be one of the most phenomenal releases ever! That would be BIIIIG News!