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in the woods



Comes A Time
Oct. 27, 1971
Onondaga War Memorial

A classic! The version that first struck that special chord in me
Wharf Rat
Aug. 4, 1974
Philadelphia Civic Center

cool jam > passionately played emotive song > mellow and sweet jam > rockin' tune
Dupree's Diamond Blues
April 17, 1983
Meadowlands Arena

Some really fun key work by Brent. Jammin' fun vibes all first set
April 17, 1983
Meadowlands Arena

Awesome syncopation and rhythms by Phil and the drummers. I listen to many a Cassidy's and this one really stuck out to me for some reason, try it out
Brother Esau
April 17, 1983
Meadowlands Arena

Really rockin' and just an all around fun vibe. Lot of energy from everyone. whole first set is killer!


Dark Star
Feb. 26, 1973
Pershing Municipal Auditorium

This is a very beautiful piece of music, my favorite kind of Dead. The build to the verse is outstanding, and after a few minutes of a well orchestrated spacey transitive nightfall, Phil shows us whose the boss with some heavy rifts before they play a fantastically mellow Eyes of the World.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Aug. 4, 1976
Roosevelt Stadium

Yeah Phil means business this whole show. Video of the first set is on youtube. Wish there was video of Phil crunchin' away on this HSF
Terrapin Station
April 6, 1987
Meadowlands Arena

The boys get real excited by the crowd post space and decide to play quite a beautiful, awe inspiring Terrapin > Other One > Stella > Sugar Mag. Great licks and rhythms by everyone and a fun filled energy. you can just hear they're a couple happy guys to be up on that stage
Jack Straw
April 6, 1987
Meadowlands Arena

Certainly a ragin' version, really big and powerful at the end. Great rythyms! But a few vocal flubs from Jerry really take away for me. However, I thought the post drums section of this show was as outstanding as the short 2 minutes at the end of this JS. if you got the time for this, check out the rest
China Doll
June 20, 1974
The Omni

Love the way Jerry sings this one!