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Weirs Jort Army



June 28, 1988
Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Jerry's guitar tone and fluttering ramp up solo is spine tingles. Highly recommend!
Casey Jones
Feb. 20, 1971
Capitol Theater

Opens the show with serious energy. Perfect vocals and great balance of tightness, but bouncy playing. This whole first set is super crisp
Me and My Uncle
Feb. 20, 1971
Capitol Theater

Rarely post on a MAMU, but this one really pops! Super nimble guitar work. Excelent
Drums -> Space
July 4, 1989
Rich Stadium

An inspired drums segment from the Devils and a serviceable space segment. Worth the spin
Crazy Fingers
June 16, 1991
Giants Stadium

Perfect full band gelling in a dramatic end jam portion, leading effortlessly into China > Rider


Uncle John's Band
May 19, 1977
Fox Theatre

My favorite out of the spring '77 shows and top 3 for me all time. Dusted this off today and it's like putting on an old sweater that fits just exactly perfect. Awesome segue in from a dream-like PITB, and the final several min are just full band locked in power. Looove this show
Ramble On Rose
May 3, 1972
Olympia Theater

Bright, crisp, precise
The Other One
May 3, 1972
Olympia Theater

Not much more that can be said about this version that hasn't already been stated. The real gem of this show and a top tier jam for the tour. It's more contemplative and melodic than others from this era. Everyone locked in, so many special segments. They hint at a Feeling Groovy jam. The portion before Bobby McGee is utterly gorgeous. All-timer, no question.
Good Lovin'
May 3, 1972
Olympia Theater

This one hits the "get up and GO!" button early, then following the initial swell, the band and pig connect on some really interesting improv, instrumentation illustrating the rap.
May 3, 1972
Olympia Theater

Cannot say enough about how pumped I am for this RSD release. Show is all-timer and sounds so buttery on vinyl. This Bertha fires out of the gates with tight, passionate playing. For Euro '72, I prefer the HYH version slightly better, but that's likely more for familiarity and nostalgia purposes (I wore that OUT when released). All a matter of preference between these two for best of tour, IMO