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millennial head



Friend of the Devil
Oct. 25, 1989
Miami Arena

Played pretty fast (for the slow version) and heavy with MIDI and spirited playing. Not to everyone’s taste, perhaps, but I like it!
Ramble On Rose
Oct. 22, 1989
Charlotte Coliseum

Sparkling rendition. Fans of upbeat '89 versions like 7/7 should check this out.
Estimated Prophet
Aug. 4, 1982
Kiel Auditorium

Sharp, feisty version with Jerry and Brent setting up a beautiful, dreamy -> Terrapin
Sept. 4, 1979
Madison Square Garden

Super heady, effects-drenched Space that suggests what a fall ’79 Dark Star might’ve sounded like.
Promised Land
Feb. 22, 1974
Winterland Arena

This really gets cookin’! Keith, Billy, and Jerry seem to be playing little rhythmic games, switching up the accents in interesting ways.


March 10, 1981
Madison Square Garden

I expect that this one will get a lot more votes after people hear the official release. It’s fiery and also has excellent phrasing and more Phil than some early ’80s shows.
Aug. 6, 1982
St. Paul Civic Center

This is an incredible Space, both because of the Other One/Eleven jam and because of the meltdown before.
Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance
Aug. 6, 1982
St. Paul Civic Center

Fantastic second set!
Promised Land
June 22, 1976
Tower Theatre

Jerry’s playing is extremely exuberant on this one! Great version of the best Berry tune.
He's Gone
Oct. 9, 1977
McNichols Arena

This is really good. The tempo doesn’t drag, the harmonies are sweet, and the outro is explosive, albeit short. Check out the whole sequence from Estimated on.