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Mission in the Rain
March 18, 1978
Warner theatre

The Gold Standard for JGB Missions. The jam that starts at 3:30 may be the best licks of Garcia's career. Simply amazing all the way through!


Aiko Aiko
June 19, 1991
Pine Knob

This Aiko was amazing! Oh wait, there was no Aiko on June 19th. There was a Women Are Smarter, but that's not an Aiko! I think you are thinking of the terrific one on June 20th.
Visions of Johanna
Feb. 21, 1995
Delta Center

Nobody could figure out what the boys were doing coming out of space when there was this mellow eerie floating wind chime noises in the last 30 seconds of space when Jerry opened up and out of nowhere just belted out the opening words to Visions. One of the greatest surprises of the year. I was so high and it just completely washed over me. I instantly became a massive fan of VOJ and have remained so ever since. Some of the most haunting lyrics ever written combined with Garcia's passion. Soooo good!
So Many Roads
Sept. 18, 1994
Shoreline Amphitheatre

This one should not even be close. While there was a bit a lyrical sloppiness like there was in many SMRs, from 6:20 on this one soars like no other. Garcia takes this one into hyperdrive during the ending vocals that carries into the final jam. Then at the 8:10 mark he breaks into a Duane Allman lick reminiscent of Ramblin' Man that he never played before and never played again and it is amazing! Then the ending reprise "Ease my Soul" at 8:30 are some of the best ever. If you were there, you know that this one was "The One"!