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Stagger Lee
Dec. 11, 1992
Oakland Coliseum

all about the end jam…as it usually was during the last few years of shows


Looks Like Rain
Oct. 14, 1994
Madison Square Garden

thanks for the soldier field Cassidy tip sylvan- that was one of the few times i got shut out (and then spent the night in dtown chicago jail- long story). i myself am a huge fan of that ghostly pedal sound whenever he busted it out- including during this looks like rain…and note that after he turns it off in the preceding scarlet-fire his playing explodes- so it wasn’t always used as you described (even if it probably sometimes was)
Jack A Roe
May 17, 1977
Memorial Coliseum

First off, I really think Bob was onto something with his playing as this particular version starts rolling along…super melodic and evocative. Second, I always loved this song whenever they played it during shows i saw in the 90s, but now after hearing this one (I recently went on a Spring 1977 listening tour) i’m left wondering why they didn’t stick with their earliest take on the tune. IMO, this is a rare case of the band getting it perfect from the start (this being one of the very first versions ever played)
Eyes Of The World
March 29, 1990
Nassau Coliseum

this sacred cow is truly amazing- i’m blown away each time I hear it…but I think jerry played stronger during the eyes on 9-18-90 at MSG…jus sayin’
Eyes Of The World
Sept. 18, 1990
Madison Square Garden

voting for the underdog here. Jerry’s playing is pure perfection throughout, with a one of a kind wind-down at the end…
Wang Dang Doodle
July 2, 1989
Sullivan Stadium

my first bobby song I felt inspired to vote on (im more of a jerry head)….I’d wager it was the crazy fingers that inspired this all out shread fest, and jerry straight up hijacked the song from bobby. But the weir wolves might come after me if I say so….