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Me and Bobby McGee
April 18, 1971
Lusk Field House - State University Of New York

Confident Soulful Sonically Strong
Don't Ease Me In
April 2, 1973
Boston Garden

Crisp and right
Casey Jones
May 23, 1972
Strand Lyceum

Not Flashy, Just Exactly Perfect Though


May 3, 1977
The Palladium

This version is incredible. Jerry finds a fluidity and tone that is extra special. Love the AUDs - feels like they are singing to us. Maybe the soundboards will get cleaned up and someone will produce a matrix to better convey this joy and excitement. Way, way underrated even among all the great May 77 versions.
Looks Like Rain
May 13, 1977
Auditorium Theatre

Think Bob and Donna were just exactly perfect, or close, here. This show feels very relaxed and I think that helps them find the emotion more naturally. Band was patented blend of May 77 precise and loose at the same time. We are so lucky to have these recordings.
Cold Rain and Snow
Oct. 20, 1974
Winterland Arena

To my ears, one of the best versions, sweet and passionate, piano strong.
Wharf Rat
Feb. 21, 1971
Capitol Theater

Unusually beautiful and restrained - because it's early, I guess - version. Guitar somehow more creative than later versions and more precise than earlier ones. Slow ending is particularly nice - shades of "Beautiful Jam"! Strong.
March 28, 1981

Passionate version, Jerry has it all in hand, living up to the song's potential. Peaking early solo, so much power in the last solo - driving and incisive. On the film you can see he knows he nailed it. Worth it.