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Phil Bombs



Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
May 27, 1989
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Stadium

Dang, big man Clarence Clemmons knows how to play with anyone. Listen to him rip this!
Drums -> Space
May 27, 1989
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Stadium

Survive the drum avalanche and you're in for a wild ride....
One More Saturday Night
Oct. 19, 1971
Northrop Auditorium, U. of Minn.

Really ripping version at Keith's debut show. Check out the piano rip through this!
Aiko Aiko
July 26, 1987
Anaheim Stadium

Nice cajun feel during this NOLA show
Jack A Roe
July 18, 1989
Alpine Valley

Went on here to vote for what IMO is the best Jack A Roe... and it wasn't here! Give it a try please :)


St. Stephen
March 20, 1977
Winterland Arena

had to listen to this to see if Jbrucer had a good reason to be so over-the-top negative about this song. Definitely did not! I actually feel bad for people with such cancerous opinions
New Minglewood Blues
April 22, 1978
Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Bob must have seen a babe in the audience. starts off with some serious vocal MOJO
Row Jimmy
Jan. 1, 1965
Rich Stadium

I absolutely CANNOT believe we've gotten to the point where people are arguing about the nominations one puts on this site. Since this site is VOTE BASED, these things will work themselves out. It's really, very easy to understand. The fact that a song is nominated means NOTHING. At all. It says absolutely zero about the song. If these songs were getting tons of votes, or occupying top spots, I could see the problem. But that IS NOT HAPPENING. In this case, the bad songs will bec licked on, and if they don't like it, there will be no upvote and then THAT STORY IS OVER. So what's the problem? Nothing.... Also, users like Dude420Weed who go on insane rants that throw around the "we" pronoun when this is clearly the first activity they've EVER DONE ON THE SITE (note his +11 point total) is some of the most insufferable shit I've ever seen. Get hobbies, guys. You're own desires for what you want this site to be is RUINING THE VIBE. Peace
Jack Straw
Oct. 19, 1971
Northrop Auditorium, U. of Minn.

his piano is really something in the SBD on archive.org.
Tennessee Jed
Oct. 19, 1971
Northrop Auditorium, U. of Minn.

Check out this upbeat, firing on all cylinders Jed! Organ compliments NICELY, and Jer's got some ripping solos.