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Grateful Dead Dec. 9, 1989

Great Western LA Forum Inglewood, CA | Listen on archive

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Bird Song
Surprised the Without A Net version gets no love here. This one has always been one of my favorites, and I go back to it often!
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Wow great one hot backing by bobby
Dear Mr. Fantasy
A powerhouse version, Great workout from Brent.
Hey Jude Finale
Hot ending to the Brent pairing.
Playin' In The Band
Playin->Crazy Fingers->UJB->Playin
One More Saturday Night
Thuming Phil and great Jerry guitar, Growling Bobby in this set one ending version, a classic take wonderful stuff, After the WOAN Bird SOng
Crazy Fingers
Brents keywork on this version is absolutely beautiful. Jerry and Brent combine for a great version in LA.
Uncle John's Band
Brent and Jerry lock into some beautiful jamming in this one. It's a beautiful UJB.
Touch of Grey
THey are smoking hot right off the bat on this night, loads of Jerry and Phil on this one. THe majority of the show is top notch this is a great Touch
Mexicali Blues
Brent is on Fire this whole show on the keys and vocally, Jerry is playing awesome on Bobby is in fine voice, a real fun tight crisp bouncy Mexicali,
New Minglewood Blues
T right here in, uh, the forum
Foolish Heart
Big jam before the first 'bake your bread' line is heady as fuck, and transition seamless; cool album version percussion too.