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Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
Dec. 28, 1978
Golden Hall, Community Concourse

Someone who loves this combo is more qualified to comment on this - but seems pretty good.
June 7, 1980
Folsom Field

Jer bites down like a great white on an electric cable - this one burns. Check Sir Mick.
Turn On Your Love Light
March 1, 1969
Fillmore West

All the bells and whistles right here.. pleading jarring howling zonked out 69 action.
April 13, 1971
Catholic Youth Center

Hard rocker with Jerry blasting a hail of lead at the crowd.
Jan. 30, 1978
Uptown Theater

Fuzzy in the pocket groover...


Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Dec. 3, 1981
Dane County Coliseum

The first solo in Scarlet reminds me of 4/20/84 he just does not cut loose near as much on this take.... Still pretty damn fine and that hollow effect in Fire is the kill.
Dec. 3, 1981
Dane County Coliseum

In '81 this band was slick.... No one will ever listen to this Ben - but I believe you found one the better Losers out there - it just all comes together here ... this one is mixed so well with Brent's organ adding perfect texture, Phil holding down the bottom and Healy funking with JG's vocals slightly at a point at the end. Source: CM
Franklin's Tower
Dec. 2, 1981
Assembly Hall

Jerry plays the Bolivian Stomp for the Midwest kids - or wicked fast is another way to describe this one.
Nov. 30, 1981
Hara Arena

Crispy fried Jerry right here.... super.
Jack Straw
July 31, 1983
Ventura County Fairgrounds

yes - nice acidic aftertaste on this one here. If you like this show and this JS jam check the Deal set closer - it is really, really, really SHARP in that '83 kind of way.