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Mexicali Blues
Nov. 14, 1972
Oklahoma City Music Hall

Jangles, bounces and rolls ,,, energetic take where Jer + Bob go in different directions together on this one...
Sugar Magnolia
Oct. 24, 1971
Easttown Theatre

Show opener where the entire band basically plays percussion.
Samson and Delilah
June 8, 1980
Folsom Field, University of Colorado

Both of Jerry's solos are completely savage.
Oct. 19, 1990
Internationales Congress Centrum

An outtake on Kubrick's Space Odyssey> eff'd up ferocious entrance into TOO
One More Saturday Night
Nov. 14, 1971
Texas Christian University

Phil busting on lead bass guitar - exactly how you want to hear this song played.


China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Nov. 14, 1972
Oklahoma City Music Hall

Lots of ideas abound here and yes agree they stretch it out nicely - Jer's licks are exploring the outer edges of each song and Phil detonates in the Rider.
New Minglewood Blues
Aug. 16, 1980
Mississippi River Festival

Fiery and spanking nasty take. Recording captures the band/crowd energy really well too. The sight, sound and smells of this show are all right here. .
Stella Blue
May 22, 1993
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Yowzer - I had to go back and listen again. Whew boy that last solo is a wonderfully emotional, melodic trip that hits all the right notes for me.
Morning Dew
July 22, 1984
Ventura County Fairgrounds

Laced up '84 action with tasteful effects don't miss the Space into it...hmmmmm indeed this one has that certain SOMETHING.
Oct. 24, 1971
Easttown Theatre

Such an enjoyably great early Deal - nice tempo that cruises along in 4th gear lookin around at the scenery.