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Sept. 12, 1988
The Spectrum

Bobby up in the mix working the whammy will Jerry buzzes through the Fibonacci sequence.
Row Jimmy
April 7, 1988
The Centrum

Box of Rain
April 7, 1988
The Centrum

Box for the encore - yes please!
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Aug. 23, 1987
Calavaras County Fairgrounds

Brentski with the Woooooo's :)
Uncle John's Band
Dec. 23, 1970
Winterland Arena

Concert for Bear in '70 - of course it's cranky reverb and great.


Stagger Lee
Oct. 17, 1978
Winterland Arena

Stay focused on JG and it’s worthy...
Eyes Of The World
Oct. 17, 1978
Winterland Arena

Wow - I would say simply that Jerry sounds "free" here, not tied to the melody but full of ideas from the next room where he is on his own imaginative trip separate from but still attached to the band - ya know? Graverobber hears it to...once heard hard to deny a vote check it and see this one deserves some attention. 2nd listen - beautifully familiar and unfamiliar at the same...makes this one special.
The Other One
Oct. 22, 1967

This collectively (with the CE) is easily one of the top 10 versions of this combination. Absolutely mind melding molten lava Jerry Silver Surferdom with Owsley glitches galore -note in particular 3:52-4:20 followed by Bob's next line "when I woke up this morning my head was not intact!" GTFO with such perfect timing. They panel this version from one end to the other take the ride and see - worthy of a listening and I think hard to deny your vote if heard. Protip turn this jawn up to 11. 1st version in top 10? it's well worth considering - ancient acid drenched roots of audio brownbrown.... oops I see I've commented on this before I guess I really like this one....hahah.
New Minglewood Blues
May 15, 1970
Fillmore East (Late Show)

Young Bobby fronting a band of outlaws...energy!
Feb. 7, 1970
Fillmore West

Country influence on fine display here with NRPS from a top 10 show in this band of gypsies history.