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No cholesterol.



Feb. 21, 1971
Capitol Theater

Warp speed, precise, slightly unhinged, and driving into the greenish-blue evening.
Jack Straw
Oct. 30, 1971
Taft Auditorium

Godchaux leads a version that seethes with the excitement of a new song.
Brown Eyed Women
May 20, 1973

A giggly, slangy Garcia masterpiece (in sweet show sauce). Goes down EZ.
Mexicali Blues
Feb. 28, 1973
Salt Palace

So good you can practically see the border town.
Me and My Uncle
Nov. 17, 1971
Albuquerque Civic Auditorium

Two things: (1) the middle of a searing Other One > MAMU > Other One fest and (2) Garcia loses his mind (or mine) at the end of the solo.


Nov. 14, 1971
Texas Christian University

What a welcome wagon number! Godchaux sets a commanding tone for the rhythm section and they hop to it. Then the break comes - Weir & Garcia just melt faces. Yeah - you can really entertain the troops with two electric guitars.
Bird Song
Nov. 22, 1972
Austin Municipal Auditorium

Late. 1972. Bird Song. Detailed, subtle, swinging version with the band in absolute control. Intense, but doesn't explode - controlled enthusiasm. I like it all the more for the swingin' restraint.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Dec. 27, 1970
Legion Stadium

Difficult to argue with the introductory assessment here.
May 3, 1977
The Palladium

A lovely audience recording captures perfectly just what a dynamics-controlling machine they had become. The hand-claps [must they ALWAYS be on the one guys???] and whistles add a deep warmth to a typically wonderful May 1977 Sugaree. Typical = patient, unpredictable, and pretty dag telepathic. Garcia rules, of course, but Godchaux has his hands on the dynamics controls. And those are safe hands.
Playin' In The Band
Sept. 11, 1974
Alexandra Palace

In the skating world, one would say "good edge work." They breeze through with the lightest of touch, yet not wishy-washy; they mean exactly what they're doing. At around 6 minutes or so, Garcia really takes a deep swan dive into marshmallow creme. A lovely '74 Playin'.